Open Sourcing Witendofi/Frequency
Based on a post from Daniel, I think it might be interesting to open source Witendofi on Github and allow you guys to submit any code/changes you want. I can then review them, merge them in and deploy them.

The backend is in Rails, by the way.

Would anyone be interested?

EDIT: Here we go:

so much want
Remember that you had this idea before and never got round to it, get on Github now, set it up and never turn back.

The second thing we need are community funds, if there will be any - we need something or someone to be trustworthy, helpful and preferably blue to be responsible for organizing a PayPal account and payments to individuals, make sure there will be enough for Alain as well - our founding father.

Thirdly, we will want to organize a community meeting over Hangouts or Skype where everyone (all 6 of you) can get together and discuss problems and solutions. This might be a little difficult, and an optional step because we can discuss stuff here. It'll work better if we set these up at regular intervals.

Github, yes good.

Community funds should not be second or really a thing at all. If you're not doing this because you want to, then you shouldn't be doing it.

A meeting to go over the issues would be good but I think it can be easily summarized. Our "regulars" don't play games, we don't have anything unique about our site, we don't advertise, and we don't have any newcomers that stay due to reasons 1 and 2. You could literally make a subreddit and have the same functionality. It wouldn't look nearly as nice, srsly 10/10 as usual Alain, but there's not much else different. As for fixing those things, lots of time required. I could contribute code and ideas, but I don't have much more time than that.
The reason I didn't get around to it before is because it requires a little bit of preparation. I have some secret keys on the repo (yes, I know, bad practice and I never did it again), and a few things that need to be updated like the README. But I will do it this time.

I agree with Nincodedo - I don't think we need any community funds. Github issues are really great for organizing people and discussing potential feature requests, so I think that would be fine.

I will try to finish open sourcing the site today after some small cleanups and flattening the commit history.
Okay, open sourced Smile

There is still a lot of preparation left to do, but I am not sure I'll get to it today. If you're feeling adventurous, you can figure a lot of stuff out yourself.

If you have any changes you want to make, just submit a pull request.
I'm a bit sad you didn't email me about this before so that I could know. That said, I'm all for it.
Carlos said:
I'm a bit sad you didn't email me about this before so that I could know. That said, I'm all for it.
You mean you don't check the site every 3-4 hours?
I'll be honest, I've never used Git in my life but it was easier than I thought. I'm now aware what a "Fork" is. Just submitted my first pull request Smile
I'm going to give it a go setting the site up in a local environment, I might need help with this Unsure Alain?
lol here we go
Happy to provide help, but the README should be sufficient:

"Could not find tzinfo-0.3.40 in any of the sources"

I really have no clue - it's a learning experience at least even if everything goes horribly wrong!

I don't know what I did but now it works. YAY.
This is not easy. I'm not really that experienced in setting up servers. For anyone else like me, who's never done this before, you're going to have to go through a lot more steps than displayed on the GitHub page.

I'm going to call it a night, I've got as far as setting up the database and I'm having difficulty getting my virtual hosts to work properly. I also think I need to set up Ruby or something... I don't know.

Oh, and Rails console isn't working - I installed with RVM and when I use "rails c" it says "command isn't found download these packages".

I'll get there eventually, I'll post steps once I do.
Yes, sorry about that - the README assumes that you already have setup Rails apps before, so I leave out a lot of information. It would be helpful for you to post your full guide for people who need to get started from scratch.
I'm almost there, I can feel it!

I'm having a problem actually get the application to run, all I'm getting on screen is the file browser with all the files in.

I can now run Rails, and I've also installed Passenger and it seems to have set up Apache. What have I missed out?

YES! I've done it!

However, u.admin is an undefined method apparently...

Use u.role = 'admin' instead
Greg said:
one thing you'll probably want to do, if the code is ever to be used for other applications, is develop better moderation/administration systems