Features in Development
This thread will keep track of features that are planned and for what stage of the development process you can expect them to appear.

Necessary during beta (some time late December/early Jan)
- Pagination for posts (regular paging), pictures (infinite scroll)
- Jump directly to latest posts (+ a visual marking of new posts)

Some time in the future (January and on)
Next up
- Load more conversations on the boards#index
- Notifications
- User profiles
- Forgot your password
- Email activation

After that
- Instant posting/editing/deleting
- Avatar previewing & cropping
- Pro accounts
- Caching, caching, caching
- Play now or some form of live communication
- The ability to tag people in forums
- Add BBcode tips for new posts
- Improved moderation tools (reporting, banning, locking)
- Gamification fun

Bugs to fix
- Incorrectly aligned dropdown for short usernames
I know there's more pressing stuff, but I think I'm going to work on the mobile design today. That's fun.
you renegade
What do you guys think should be done before we launch to the general public? Biggest gripe?
I want that nav bar to stay with me as I scroll. Also, if you add that, make it so I can fly to the top of the page by clicking anywhere on the colored area of the nav bar.

EDIT: Also moderators and stickies for topics. I like stickies. Grin
I'd love the site to remember my username and password.
PIE said:
I'd love the site to remember my username and password.


EDIT: And after I make a post, I want to be at that post instead of the top of the page.
@Nincodedo, done! Header is now fixed and clicking on the background will bring you to the top.

EDIT: Also Alain don't hate me but I got rid of your circley avatars with a Stylish script. :< My Christmas Kirby's leg gets cut off. :<
Haha, that's fine. Just don't change too much because the CSS changes very often and I don't want you to not see something you might have otherwise liked Wink
Don't need to change much, everything looks great. Grin
alainmeier said:
What do you guys think should be done before we launch to the general public? Biggest gripe?
Read/unread posts, but you got this bro.
Okay so I updated the list with everything that's on our roadmap from now until probably quite far into the future. If there's *anything* you want, no matter how small that isn't on the list, please tell me so I can consider it!

Also, if you can think of any other bugs, tell me so I can add it to the list. Oh and so you guys know, bugs and roadmaps won't be publicly visible forever, as we'll move them to our github.
List spacing. There's a paragraph gap between [code]
  • s[/code] when it really only needs to be a new line.
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    How about the 1-ups get added to forum posts too. Then "hot" posts can be seen from the homepage.

    Also one bug. There's these blue artifacts on my gamer card thing.

    I like the idea of 1UPing forum posts. Then there should be a way to look at the posts/photos you 1UP'd later. They'll act like a bookmark and a pat on the back.
    I, too, am intrigued by the idea of 1upping posts. Might make a couple experiments with it to see how it goes. The functionality is basically there and adding it wouldn't require very much effort at all.
    Greg said:
    This thread needs updated. Furthermore, threads need to be able to be stickied.