Welcome to the new Witendofi!
Carlos said:
Sup Monie! This is Supe / Superstar. Its been ages I think.

JonEx too. The last time I've seen you was in forever.

Nothing much bro, just trying to keep up with school. How have you been?

I'm Exterminated, I only mentioned that to like two people and forgot about everyone else.
I am glad i changed my username during the first refugee camp. I have been satisfied with it since.
Oi, mates! A while it has been, and happy to see you all, I am! (o^-^)b
Man party?
Greg, I will always be friendly to you until the moment you step out of line. Heart
Not going to lie, everyone coming back is amazing. Heart
Try4se said:
Not going to lie, everyone coming back is amazing. Heart

Pretty much this, so much nostalgia. It's great.
Man, it feels good to be back. I may be a younger member of this community (been around since what, OCW2? 3?) but I'm glad we don't have to resort to using several means of communication just to keep in touch. It'll be nice to talk to each other all in one place again. Grin
When the launch happened, I was freaking out to Dr. Chong over how everyone is back.

What a lovely website. I just wish a Game Night calendar was created to get some gaming events in pen.
The only game nights that really worked were pokemon, animal crossing, and mario kart. I don't really want to play animal crossing with new leaf coming out, and mario kart 7 was a disappointing to me.
Excuuuuuuuuse me you are forgetting the best game nights, which were hours-long sleep-depriving bouts of 42 All Time Classics.
Those were also successful, i did forget about them, as I only joined in one of those nights.
I wouldn't mind playing animal crossing again, if a few more people wanted to.
I think a voting system here would work, if we listed several games, the most voted one would surely be proof that many people wanted to play that game (Provided it had enough votes in the first place). Try4se, why don't you organise this yourself, I'd definitely join in and anyone who has stopped lurking Witendofi since will miss out Tongue
Is there a poll system, out side of people just posting their opinion?

It seems like Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion are the games people want to play.
It's great to see the old crew back. Kind of like a family reunion
CanadianTurtle said:
It's great to see the old crew back. Kind of like a family reunion

It's about time you joined... Sent you that link ages ago.