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Okay guys, the admins are coding up the forums like the magical wizards they are, and we've got a question for how you'd like them. It's a pretty specific technicality, so I'll try to explain it as best I can.

When you log off from the website, you might have left some posts unread. Which would you prefer the website do?

Make the posts I leave unread stay unread. This means when I log on later, or from my mobile device, the unread posts are the same as when I left them. This does mean that I can't just ignore posts I don't want to read, I'll have to 'mark all as read' at some point.

Make the posts I leave unread change to read. This means when I log on later, the only unread posts will be from the time I last logged off. I can ignore posts and they will go away, but I will lose any unread posts whenever I log off, so if I log on from another device, the unread posts will not be remembered.

The admins would rather not make this an option in your account as they'd like to keep the software relatively lightweight.

Oh! And we're also deciding on how 1UPs should work for things like forum posts. Currently they're anonymous (nobody knows you 1UP'd that post... you can test this by 1UPing my post) but some poeple would like to see who 1UP'd their post - but then others might not want to 1UP if they know their 1UP will be visible as "theirs". Our idea is to make an option for you to choose to make all your 1UPs anonymous. So when someone views the 1UPs they got on their post, it might say "Ace Jon, Alain and 2 others" - the 2 others have set their profile to use anonymous 1UPs. Do you like this idea?
Personally I'd prefer if the posts I left unread, remain unread.
As for 1UPs, I don't really care whether they're anonymous or not.
Jedden said:
Personally I'd prefer if the posts I left unread, remain unread.


Jedden said:
As for 1UPs, I don't really care whether they're anonymous or not.

I vote for them to not be anonymous.
Just give me a "mark all as read" button if I don't feel like looking through everything.
Keep as unread
Not anonymous
Oh, and the 1UP idea: its fine as not anonymous as long as there's some system in place to consolidate the names if a post gets too many lives. I imagine it would start looking bad if a post had something like 10 lives and they all were listed off.
Definitely keep the posts unread.
A "Mark as read" link will be perfectly fine, so keep those forum posts Unread when we log out.
As for 1-ups, I'd very much like to see who one up'd my post, I mean, it's active on the pictures already anyway.
Carrying on from what Day said, I know it's a lot like FB here but a tool-tip should show "Ace jon, Sliker and 2 others" and clicking on it could display the full list.

I think this thread is a tiny bit silly...
Let them stay as unread and non-anonymous 1-ups are fine. Loving how good the website looks on mobile btw
Daniel said:
I think this thread is a tiny bit silly...

It's not silly, traditional forums work in the "Make the posts I leave unread change to read." way (which is what people are voting against) and we decided to go with the other way mentioned in the post.
I had the other idea, I really thought forums usually just kept the new posts unread anyway - I've never come across any that marks them as read automatically. Sorry.
All other (at least, well-known) forums do it that way, the old OCW ones always did, for instance. Reason being that storing read states in the database like we do here can create a lot of overhead. With that not being a concern at the moment, we chose this way, and because it's different, we're just wondering what people think - or if they've even noticed.
I dig the unread staying. I lurk enough to kill all blue anyways. Mark all as read is nice and already there. 1UPs being not anonymous can lead to a few arguments or negative bias. Other than that, it's a swell idea. It'd be like facebook! But yeah, there needs to be a way so it shortens the list. Let's say the three latest-to-like usernames and then "and 'remainder #' others" because like Day said, having a huge list pop up out of nowhere may not look too great.
That reminds me, are you already recording who 1UP's what? I'm just wondering how the possible addition of removing anonymity will effect the current 1UP's, will they just stay anonymous as if they were selected to be anonymous in the first place?
Of course, we can flick on who 1UP'd what whenever, it's already in the database. If someone wanted their stuff to be anonymous, it would just be anonymous to other users, not the database.
Make the posts I leave unread stay unread
1UPs to be anonymous.