Adobe Creative Suite 2 Free... If you already have it.

Adobe is offering its entire Creative Suite 2 package for free now. I know most of probably don't even bother paying for Photoshop and such (or just use Gimp), but if you feel like being legal and downloading a somewhat older version of Creative Suite than now's your chance!

Oops well it's only free if you have a valid serial number. The only thing they are doing is shutting down the activation servers for the software. So technically you could continue to use one serial number multiple times and still use the software.

The following programs are included:

Adobe Creative Suite CS 2
Acrobat 3D
Acrobat Standard 7.0
Acrobat Pro 8.0
Audition 3.0
Photoshop Elements
Adobe Premier Pro

Oh and here's the site. It's down at the moment so wait a few hours I guess.
Photoshop CS2 is actually fantastic and I still use it to this day, I do update yearly to the new ones but CS2 is the only one I keep installed. It can do everything you need. I only use later versions for bridge or camera raw.
Reminds me of how you can get an .edu email address without enrolling in a college, then using it on Microsoft's Dreamspark program to get tons of free keys.