Kingston introduces 1TB flash drive

Let me just say, holy crap. We're seriously reaching the point in technology where additional improvement really doesn't do that much for us. Unless you're editing 4K video, all this space isn't going to do much for you. I feel bad for companies that only sell computer storage because eventually it'll become so commoditized that they'll need to find a new way to differentiate.
Ugh, the prices though... I have to say, I agree with you Alain, seems a bit ridiculous. Who knows though, some day maybe?
I bet 1GB of storage that small to someone from like, the 80s or something would blow their minds and cost as much of a fortune as this.

Once UHDTVs become a mainstream thing, consumer video cameras will start to record in 4K, and for that matter, so will video games. 4K, 8K VIDEO GAMES! Soon enough, a GB will be our MB. Everything will be gigantic, yet absolutely spectacular.
Sounds pretty cool guys --
The 512GB DataTraveler HyperX — shipping now — will run $1,750 and Kingston isn't even saying how much the 1TB model will set you back when it's released sometime this quarter.

The 512GB one will be that much. The 1TB will be EVEN MORE!
what a joke haha, whoever buys those is an idiot or filthy rich or both. its not hard to plug in an external hard drive or anything... lol
It's probably more of a proof of concept that we can get to 1TB in that form factor now. We just have to wait for the price to come down, as it always will. A few years ago, it would have been $1000 for a couple hundred gigs.
I read the title, and my response was "Holy Shit." I really don't know how I would fill that up...
bitches aint got shit on my floppy disks.