What do you think of Bitcoin?

Any of you guys own any Bitcoin? Or what do you think of them? I've been playing with it for a while and finally decided to buy a lot more today. I would recommend them - the technology is absolutely amazing.

I buy mine using http://coinbase.com
I used to mine them but my card isn't quite good enough to make a decent profit anymore. They're an interesting concept though.
I'm not gonna say I told you so... http://bitcoinity.com/markets
cray gurl
I hope somebody 12 days ago took that advice, it had a super big crash yesterday.
Still up like 600% from my original post, though!
Give me a lazy man's guide to this bitcoin craze. Is the price set to buy a bitcoin based the same in all countries? Does anyone get taxed?

Why the hell should I get bitcoins?
Some guy on another forum netted somewhere around 100K$ off selling some bitcoins he had mined for fun in January.
If I recall, the reason bitcoin soared was because of Chinese investment. Basically they liked the idea of a currency that wasn't controlled by the government. However at some point the Chinese government banned banks from speculating in it and the currency plummeted. Alain knows better than me, he's all into that Bitcoin stuff.

I sort of wish I had invested in it, however I didn't have a lot of money back then and I still don't make that much, so I probably would have made maybe a little under 500 dollars. So given that investing is always a risk and sometimes it doesn't pay off I'm not too jelly.
I think that it's not a bad idea to buy a little bit of bitcoin. You can buy a fraction of one, spend $100. Worst case scenario, you lose $100, best case scenario, your $100 becomes $1000 - $4000.

I very much believe in it and do a lot of research in the protocol itself. Since I made this thread, I have pretty much orientated my life to doing a lot of bitcoin stuff and co-founded this http://bitcoin.stanford.edu

There are a lot of speculators in the market and a lot of silliness, but if you step back and look at the fundamentals, bitcoin is absolutely phenomenal technology. It's just so cool and has incredible potential. If you have a free evening and you enjoy computer science, I'd highly recommend reading some articles on the bitcoin wiki.

@Greg, let's just say I got lucky and bought a very good number before the price went crazy.