Google Glass
Thoughts? I'm pretty excited about it, even if it looks geeky and is probably going to be way too expensive.
Also excited. I'm really gonna like having navigation without needing to look down at my phone.

An app I hope get made: tells you a person's name if you've already met them. Happens far too often that I've met people and just plain don't remember them at all. :<
Will wait for Google Bluetooth (HUD gets projected over face). I don't like glasses/contacts.

That aside the idea is really interesting. Say hello to a whole new world of creep shots and other things perverted people can come up with. Down the line this could be like in Watch Dogs where you look at someones face and you know everything about them. Then you have to worry about kids at school. Schools start demanding people with long hair have them in pony tails to make sure they aren't hiding their Glass devices during tests.
I think we're all missing the best use for these things:

Power levels.
I think I already posted about that on G+ a while back... Ah yes, here it is
I'd probably buy it just for that. Though who knows, could actually have legitimate uses.
Just another delicious step forward towards my virtual reality.
We were having a big discussion about this yesterday. It would be rather cool to have augmented reality around with you all the time however do any of you think of how scary it would be that Google may record your entire life and everyone around it? It raises a huge privacy issue - even though they are pretty cool and I want one Tongue

My main concern is the huge battery pack located just behind the ear, the rest of the glasses looks fine without that, but I suppose you need a battery, right? Notice how most pictures of people wearing glass are shots taken from the front, or on the side if the wearer has long enough hair to hide it.
It's like the tail is literally in my face!!!