The snowy holidays
So guys what gifts did you get this magical season?

  • New glasses

  • Quite a lot of moulding putty?

  • A joke book

  • Yorkshire Gold tea

  • DeadI's Land YAAAA

  • Foodstuffs: Toblerone assortment, S&V Pringles, Double-stuff Oreos

  • Electric toothbrush

  • Cotton pads for facial cleansing (I was running low)

  • A nice blue shirt

  • 300 sticky notes

  • £200
I am gonna go open my presents soon and then i'll inform you guys. Hoping for a WiiU
Clothes, clothes, clothes, shoes, and kitchenware.
A pocket watch, a nice shirt, green and white tea, Sonic Adventure 2 HD, and Bad Rats.
- Wii U Deluxe
- Jacket
- Pants
- Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal out garbage?!! (3DS)
I got shoes, some aftershave, deodorant, and $25 gift cards to Gamestop and Target to share with my brother. I'm above 21 and my family isn't well to do so it'd be greedy to expect massive piles of loot.

I gifted my mom her first real smartphone (the same one I have) and some women's lotion that I won off my company raffle. I'm forcing my brother to pay for half of the smartphone though, since he has more money than me. He doesn't have to pay any rent.
I got a heater/fan, an electric shaver and a Tesla mug with the promise of a Wii U should I want one (they weren't sure :P)
This year most of my presents were ones I got for myself.

- LotR Trilogy + The Hobbit + Unfinished Tales (fancy-looking books)
- This Is A Cry For Help (Edmund McMillen) (comic anthology)
- Paper Mario: Sticker Star
- Gift Vouchers/Money (what I got from everybody else)

Edit: I also got a copy of FTL from Nin and a Witendofi invitation from Alain, so Christmas was guud.
Let's see if lists work how I think they do...
[list][*]New guitar. Semi-acoustic, steel strings, Tanglewood (TW 47-E) [*]Half Minute Hero from Ninmas[*]Jet Set Radio from another friend[*]Converse with Batman on one shoe and Joker on the other[*]A monkey hat[*]a teapot and tea[*]a cupcake making set[*]a scarf[*]a wireless duck MP3 player speaker (apparently you're meant to use it in the bath but I don't trust it)[*]Lots of chocolate[/list]
I got ca$h I'll probably be getting a WII U with my brothers by the end of this month.
PIE said:
I got ca$h I'll probably be getting a WII U with my brothers by the end of this month.

Can't wait baby Wink
Um I got

- White t-shirts (lol my other ones have been bleached out)
- Pajamas (soft)
- Money (poor college student)
- Calender (new year new calender)
- Devotional (new year new Bible study)
- Walmart and Best Buy gift card (I can buy my own stuff!)
- Laptop with case (I was surprised by this. I wasn't going to get myself one until I graduated. It's a pretty cheap one, but my parents aren't that tech-savvy so it's the thought that counts)
- Indie Game: The Movie (Lol I already got it with the Humble Bundle, but Nin got me it for Ninmas so I can gift another person!!!)
- Wallpaper (Someone gave it to me for a secret Santa gift on another forum)

I think that's it. Oh I also bought a lot of Wii games for myself. They haven't come in yet. I'll update with a picture when I get them all. Figured since the Wii is pretty much dead I would go and get some of the games I've been meaning to get for years.

- iPhone 5 (Yeeeeeeeees)
  • Xbox 360 from myself

  • Piece of cake from work

  • The fam is coming over in the new year, so I'm awaiting a present or two. Grin
    - Assassin's Creed III
    - Batman Arkham City GOTY
    - Some clothes
    - Murkur Safety Razor from my brother (it's awesome)