What's everyone up to these days?
Just checking in, it's been a little while. People enjoying the summer? Get any good games recently?

I've been slacking on Animal Crossing but have every intention of getting back into it. Ordered an Oculus Rift a couple days ago, so I'm really excited about that.
We've all been sat here at the computer waiting for the next Frequency update. I haven't shaved in months and I think I'm constipated.
Been playing Animal Crossing, Pikmin 3 and Mario & Luigi. That and work. Work work work work work.
I'm so sorry, Daniel. Maybe you should try some of these to tide you over.
This is the best summer ever in my short life so far. Moving to San Diego next month for college! Game-wise though, I did get some stuff from the Steam Summer Sale last month. L4D2 and Arma II for DayZ. I hardly touch them now.
Uh, I beat Bioshock Infinite today. I have become a nocturnal being... that's all I got.
Working at a fast food place, making art from time to time, trying to nibble on my government's ankles as they slowly attach the ball and chain. The American Dream and whatnot.

But I'm planning on going to college next semester, learn some shit about evolution and biology, and I'm reading and being more creative than I've ever been. Things are looking up but I'm still in a hole atm.
Just graduated university with a 2.2 in theoretical physics. Not that great, but more impressive sounding than most degrees at least. Looking for a job, but there really aren't many jobs in the city I want to live.

Also playing tonnes of Pokémon. Last year I went to Hawaii for the Pokémon world championships because one of my housemates won nationals so got a bunch of friends cheap tickets. I would be optimistic about my own chances, but seemingly practicing for about an hour per day just isn't enough...
I've been searching for a job. Working with my Dad's girlfriend at her business just so I can still live with them. Going to night school for electrician license, but without having a job it is pretty pointless right now.

I've been playing Pokemon Showdown or Magic the Gathering constantly in my free time, and at night I might play Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem. Watching a lot of Superhero movies and cartoons lately.
Just been working and taking summer classes.

I too have been slacking in AC. My house should be complete by now but whatever. Links Awakening has been taking up most of my gaming time but I beat it so I'll get back into AC.

Looking forward to Sonic Lost World and Pokemon.
I forgot this site existed.

No, really.

I forgot it existed.

In other news: I have an awesome job, an incredible girlfriend, and a shiny Nexus 4 (which I actually got months ago but that's still "new" in Frequency terms).
College, video games, and currently seeing someone.
working and using skype forever.
College and Fire Emblem: Awakening. I kind of stopped playing AC:NL because of FE. AC:NL was also starting to get a little boring unfortunately Inverse-d
With work, and lack of wifi most of the time, being unable to play animal crossing with other people makes the game boring.
Ace Jon said:
I forgot this site existed.

I know right.
I'm working in the great state of Texas now, loving life. I'm a bounty hunter by night. My day job is still just sitting around being awesome. Also, I collect carpet samples now. I'm going to make it a "thing".
Okay, I'm not really a bounty hunter and I don't collect carpet samples. But it will be the thing to do if I have anything to say about it. Sure you laugh now, but in 20 years when I'm selling my limited edition 5"x5" burgundy shag carpet samples from the Living Spaces 1974 collection for millions of dollars it is I who will be laughing. Think about it, do you know anyone who is collecting carpet samples? I didn't think so. I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams, and all of you who doubted me will be weeping in the shadows, wishing for the chance to do it all over again and head my sound advice. But you will receive no comfort. You will have no plush synthetic fibers to lay upon and sob yourselves to sleep. By then the worlds supply of carpet will have long since been exhausted by the great woven fabric purge of 2027. And there I will be relishing in my vast supply of pocket sized, Navajo Brown, 100% nylon, Stainmaster squares. You will offer to trade your children just to run your hands through the majestic fibers that were once merely a decorative floor covering. But you will find no lasting solace in it. The brief encounter will only leave you wanting more, like a junky feigning for another fix. You will undoubtedly wander the streets begging to feel the carpet of anyone who will let you. With no hope, you will eventually end your downward spiral into oblivion; no doubt settling for a black market AstroTurf sample. You will tell yourself it's the same, but deep down you will know. You would have had it all, had you only listened to me.
^lambo winner Heart

working as an apprentice electrican wiring apartments and such. makin yo lights turn on since 2012 anyways... still gaming on xbox and 3ds/ds.

grinding on halo 3 still and animal crossing new leaf. pretty much same old same old
I picked up a 3DS XL with 6 solid games for $170. I haven't touched it yet.

Been adding to collection of movies, CDs, and stuff when I find them cheap, on the go.
Working a job, making food for folks. Balancing a gf and college.

I beat Biocock Infinite the other night; it was a goood game.
Started playing the 3DS that has been sitting in its box for weeks..