Microsoft Surface Pro 2
This is a beast of a tablet... err... laptop?
I decided to go ahead and buy one after so much thought, I realised it would be an upgrade (although expensive) from my existing laptop, and here's what sold it for me:

+ The battery life on this thing is amazing - just under 10 hours of video playback is roughly what you'd expect from an iPad.

+ Full Windows PC! This is a big one. I can dual-boot android and have a high-end android tablet as well and even run Windows XP if I really wanted to. I'm sure the Windows 8 experience on the tablet should be good enough though.

+ Nice processor, can run most games well. This one left me thinking a lot. If I wanted a portable PC that could play high-end games I could have forked a similar price to get it, however the Surface does play some relatively new games on low graphics at full resolution with hardly any lag.

+ Comes with a pen. I can use the pen to draw stuff on Photoshop or whatever with the quality you'd expect from a graphics tablet. I can draw stuff up quickly and send them, take note in lectures or whatever. yeah.

+ Weight. One of the biggest reason I got this tablet was the weight of the think. It's half as heavy and much more powerful than my laptop, and it'll even fit in my bag nicely so I can get other stuff in there too.

Other additions include free calls with Skype (To mobiles/ landlines) for a year and 200GB Skydrive for 2 years. I just wish they would include Office with it like the RT version but never mind.

If you guys are interested I will be able to take some videos, maybe some pictures etc. and I will definitely check out the Witendofi... I mean Frequency experience on this thing Smile
Nice review, but damn; you must be bored if you're posting it here.
Cons list?
- Price
With around the same amount of money you could buy a high-end gaming PC or laptop that could be WAY much more powerful than this thing. If you're someone who travels regularly around and about this is a perfect lightweight laptop replacement. Depends where you want to go. I could imagine sales people using something like this.

- Lack of keyboard
Adding on to the already expensive price of £800, you'll have to add another £110 for the type cover, which acts as a cover/ backlit keyboard that snaps in the bottom. This is optional since it has an on-screen keyboard, but it wouldn't be nice to type up long essays or play games with it. With the extra protection it adds to the screen it's almost a must, which raises the price even more.

- Storage Capacity
You get different sized models, but even so Windows 8 takes a decent chunk and considering my laptop has 500GB and I have no problem chewing through that in a years worth of usage (Thanks to Steam), my 128GB model will start to struggle. I'll have to see how I manage my data so that I can make it last longer, but the only way to increase your memory is using the SDXC slot, which supports up to 2TB, but I'm pretty sure cards only go up to 64GB on the market. Oh, you get Skydrive but I don't think you can use it in a way you can run programs from it and stuff. (That would be cool though)

- Maintenance
Alright, this thing is expensive and if you drop it, you're going to have a bad time repairing the thing. If you've got the extra money you can cover it from accidental damage, but otherwise it's going to be very hard to get into. It's all one solid unit and everything pretty much soldered to the motherboard so replacing parts will be a lot harder on the surface than it would be on a laptop or full desktop PC.

Then again, it depends how you look at the Surface Pro 2. Is it a tablet or PC? All the cons above (except maybe price) are present in all tablets, but they only really start becoming a problem when you think about it as a laptop replacement.