Loot Thread
What did you get for Christmas?

It was my birthday on the 27th, so altogether I got:

* Wii U (32gb Mario Kart bundle)
* Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
* Some LEGO
* Yorkshire Tea
* Tea tin
* Winter hat
* Slow cooker
* 2 boxes of Lucky Charms
* Pyjamas
* a Chris (Simpsons artist) tee
* a Chris (Simpsons artist) framed art
* Rubber band cars kit
* Guardians of the Galaxy DVD
* Strawberry creme chocolates
* Tingly chocolate orange segments
* Qi wireless charger
* Coup (party card game)
* Pandemic & an expansion (board game)
* Witches (board game)
* Chromecast
* King of New York (board game)
* a coaster
* chocolate coins
-Faxe kondi
-A USB-powered plasma ball

I don't know what to wish for christmas anymore.
- Moto 360
- Clothes, mostly for work since the dress code changed recently
- Zelda Monopoly
Clothes, slippers, shaving kit, candy, and a bag of Doritos that I ate for breakfast. I just wanted money.
A bunch of steam games.
Mahtari said:
Doritos that I ate for breakfast.