The best music
My styles have changed quite a bit in the last 20 years or so. When I was young, I listened to all sorts of classic 90s europop goodness, like Ace of Base and Eiffel 65, as well as some classic rock & roll. in High School, I was still into rock & roll, namely Rob Zombie and Dragonforce, while branching out into the indie bands like Gorillaz, as well as starting to like more electronic music (mostly consisting of free video game remixes courtesy of OC Remix). Since college, I've gotten more into electronic music, including hearing my first actual dubstep song about 2 years in or so, and I fell in love with it. Lately, I've started getting into Deadmau5, as well as a couple other not-so-well-known electronic artists (Although, LOLDSFAN also shares one of my favorites). Basically, I went from rock & europop, to indie rock & speed metal, to speed metal and electronic music, to dubstep/dubcore/hardcore/etc. and rock & roll.

My all time favorite songs, however, are hard to pick. Some of the artists/record labels I'm loving right now, include:



LapfoxTrax (Namely Mayhem, Jackal Queenston, and more recently, Truxton):
I've gotten into a lot of metal lately.


As I Lay Dying

Oh and you can't forget classics such as Dream Theater and Rush:
John Frusciante -

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez -

The Mars Volta -

Fall of Troy -

Animals as Leaders -

Gorillaz -

Coheed & Cambria -

Modest Mouse -

Odd Future -
Task and Linus -
My cousin is dating the lead singer of Fall of Troy. I have never heard their music.
This is a good rap music:

Starts about a minute in.
DOOM and Nas are good rap music.
I'm pretty much into Rock music mainly. There are some rap songs here and there I may like though not really into that genre. As for Rock, that could be:

Punk Rock:
Hard Rock:
Alternative Rock:
And some more Rock:

I'm just a Rock guy. Smile
there's just too much new music now to give a damn about posting anymore of it sorry