Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program, if you haven't heard about it is a brilliant game where the aim is to build a rocket ship using stock or parts created by other users and get to other planets, launch satellites or explore the universe. The game uses real-world physics and such features like staging are available to make it seem much more realistic.

Anyone else played this? I played the demo up until yesterday and finally purchased it on steam. Like Minecraft, it's currently in development but obviously you will receive the latest updates as they release.

I've finally managed to build a rocket to land my Kerbals on Duna, a fictional planet that resembles Mars, and I've even made a rover for Mars using stock parts... it wasn't easy! I'm focusing also on to build a rocket ship that uses pure electrical power to travel the stars, but using stock parts that may be difficult. Anyone else have any ideas or things they've done on this game?
It's alright.