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Looking at amazon its seems battle for middle earth 2 is worth something.

Comes with soundtrack too.

Also got


Same as Jedden. Still gotta beat it, but I'm like 60% through.
Never got to play it. Will play on my Wii U though.


I enjoyed The Room. The atmosphere and controls are really well done.

5 USD at a thrift store; works perfectly
Well I was going to buy some strange bacon grease when the steam market became open to me. (It barred me till the 8th because I used a new debit card. They say it's to validate the funds.) I had about $50. Today the grease shot back up to $70, so I gave up and settled for steam's sale of the day. Bought Bad Company 2 and the Vietnam DLC for about $8.

EDIT: By the way, how's Bioshock Infinite? I heard some great stuff about it, but I also heard the story's kind of short. Either way I'm waiting for steam to slap a sale sticker on it.
Bioshock is great. It lost a lot of the classic PC FPS feel of the first one, what with removing gene tonics and only having 2 weapon slots, but it's still pretty good. I've put in 8 hours so far, exploring everything possible, and the end isn't yet in sight. Would not call it short.
I bought Infinite about a week ago. It was fun. But now I need to go through 1999 mode for achievements.
I got Gears of War 2 yesterday. Feel free to add my XBL, don't be shy: CanadianTurt1e.
The second last character is the number 1, not the letter "L."

I'm planning on getting Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary and playing that first, and then save Gears 2 for when I finally get Halo'ed out.

I may or may not have obtained legitimate copies of Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite for the PC at no cost.
Game related purchase

Bioshock is amazing.
It's one of the third-person shooters. Graphics were similar to Time to Kill. I actually passed it in a used game store a few years back. Kind of regretting not giving it a shot but I as on a budget that day, lol.

As for my purchase, preordered battlefield 4, but only because I got Battlefield 3 premium for pc $25 off in exchange. Also, bought my Bacon Grease for tf2. It dropped in price again and I seized the moment. Strange pan, here I come!
I finally bought myself a 3DS. Only it is the Pikachu XL edition. I bought Luigi's Mansion 2 (12 long years of waiting finally quenched) and I got Super Mario 3D Land free from the eShop after I registered WeeGee's Condo 2 and my 3DS XL with Club Nintendo. I also bought a few surprisingly good titles from the eShop. I'm pretty happy about it.
WiiU delux
-Comes with Nintendo Land
Monster Hunter WiiU
I finally played a WiiU yesterday at WalMart. Boy am I ever glad I didn't actually purchase one Lol
I enjoy the WiiU... We just need real games with it.