Starting to put ideas down.
Im really bad with writing down my ideas. I can form them in my head perfectly but the second i try to put them down I cant do it. Today I have tried to force myself to do so. It is an idea for a fantasy world ive had for a while. Its late and I hope to keep updating it with more stuff as I still have a lot I want to get down. But feedback would be nice. Writing and spelling isnt my thing so sorry if stuff is worded badly. I havent really shared this with anyone so it hasnt really gone through any feedback or revisions since i thought it up, despite my own personal development of it over the years.

If i continued this with zero feedback i fear it would become something terrible.

So yeah...

I guess what I am looking for is feedback on how clear everything is and how or what things could be clearer. General feedback on the concept and if anything stands out as good/bad.

It might seem like I have overthought some details but to me this is an environment to base stories, a world which I hope I can use for number of story ideas I have in my head. Like discworld i guess, different characters, same planet.
what the fuck did i just read
Greg said:
Is this supposed to be a science lesson on something that doesn't actually exist?

The science behind the "environment" of the setting doesn't necessarily need to be this in-depth or important at all.

I guess everything ive done so far could seem that way. But this is a fantasy world/universe and I want to go into detail about certain things as it actually helps create settings and reasons for stuff which is consistant throughout whatever stories I decide to make. For example, the cold, dark, mountainous region of the outer-rim, which is inhabited by brutes. Someone might ask, why is it cold and dark, and I don't feel "Because it is" is a very acceptable answer.

This isn't information I intend to bombard right off the mark to people who read whatever stories I decide to actually write. But do keep in mind that this is a lot less detail than some fantasy worlds. I do not intend to create my own language.

The torus planet and unusual sun are interesting, but I can't really say what's good or bad about those ideas. You've basically laid out the part of the world that's supposed to be taken for granted. The developments you make from that starting concept are what'll feel good or bad... and it depends on what kind of story you want to write.

Have you thought about social structure and things like that? A great deal of what will be interesting about the world is how it makes its people think and act differently from us. You don't have to write history books or anything, but society is part of the setting. It could even suggest some plot elements for you.

If you had some story ideas, I could think about what needs to be clearer. Right now, it doesn't matter.

By the way, I always thought creatures in lower gravities would be generally larger, not the reverse.
Yeah when I thought about writing it down i wanted to start at the begining which is the setting/planet. Story wise I have a few pretty basic (very basic) plots in my head at the moment. Nothing earth shattering or different and Im not sure when i will get around to writing it down.

Social structure wise, there are a few different areas i have ideas about. I haven't really planned out a map yet but the few areas i am thinking of do act different socially.

Regarding that last part (gravity), I also expect that to be true, but the gravity a really factor in the sizes. I guess it is more to do with that they are less civilized and more barbaric due to the harsh conditions. its more clans/tribes/survival of the fittests, which isnt really found anywhere else on the planet.
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