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Say hello to "Frequency"

written by Alain almost 6 years ago with 12 lives

Welcome to the blog

Back in the day, our former site, OneClick Wi-Fi, had news that was posted a few times per week. But that just wasn't enough. Plain old news can be read on any gaming site, and so we'd like to deliver an experience that's a little bit different. A couple times per week, some staffers of Witendofi will be posting articles with a personal touch.

If any members are interested in seeing their blog hit Frequency, shoot me a message and I'll see what we can do. Guest posts are always welcome for those of you who can write well!

This is a very preliminary version of the blog so we can have something up and running, but expect more features in the future such as commenting. Oh, and I should be clear, the name "Frequency" is essentially a placeholder. If anybody thinks of anything better, please do give us a suggestion.

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