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Join us on Discord

written by Ace Jon over 2 years ago with 4 lives

Hey, listen!

It looks like this site has gone the way of Witendofi / One-Click WiFi / Frequency. It is mostly posts about "hey, look, this website still exists". Oh dear.

Fortunately, our community still stands as a shining beacon of some internet friends who hang out and sometimes arrange video game sessions together. We tend to do that on Discord, which is basically fancy Web 3.0 IRC.

Click this link to join our server: http://discord.gg/3k48gbR

Come and say hi. It's surprisingly active. You can get Discord on loads of devices as well as it working on the web, so you can configure just how much you want to be involved. Nincodedo is the main server admin, which elevates him to the new all-powerful leader and alpha male of our community. I am happy to pass that beacon on (it was me all along).

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