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Super Teaser Bros

written by Ace Jon about 6 years ago with 7 lives


The all-star cast of the Super Smash Bros games want to show you something, look for italicised text in this article to learn about a Witendofi secret!

Hi guys! Can you believe it's Saturday already? Legend tells of a week without a Saturday, coming some time in 2014. Or, it could be because the ancient Egyptian calender doesn't have Saturdays. Either way, it could be the end of the world, so hold on to your mittens and read on.

Website Updates

Website Updates

Oh man you guys. Something big is coming. A major new feature is on the way!
"It'sa me, Mario! The new feature is-"
Be quiet Mario, I'm being important right now. This week, there were some back-end improvements, upgrades to the underlying system and 1UPs are now AJAXy! That means you can 1UP without reloading a whole page. Oh, and the memory leak got fixed right after last week's article. Woo!

But that's just small fish compared to the big fish that's coming, potentially this weekend.
"I'm Sonic!"
I'm afraid you're too slow.

For a full list of changes, check out this topic: http://witendofi.com/boards/1/conversations/2

3DS & Wii U Releases

3DS & Wii U Releases

Two releases this week. The first is Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for Wii U, which has done pretty badly according to critics. The second is Fractured Soul, a 2D sidescroller for the 3DS eShop. It's an interesting game with an interesting history. Check out this review I found and can vouch for its quality narrative: http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/eshop/fractured_soul

"I have intel on the new Witendofi feature, meet me in my box at-"



It's Andrio's birthday on Friday YAAAAAAAA!! He's turning 17, so he's still pretty young by my book. Happy birthday to him! Be sure to shower him with appropriate things on the 18th.

"Pikachu! Pi pikapi pikachu pika pika pika pi, pikachuuuu pika! Pikachu pika, pikachu kachu pika pi-pika. Pika pi, pikachu Pika Pi. Pika pika, pikachuuuu pi! Pikachu pika." -_^



The forums are ablaze with topics, as you might expect. Gaming Talk continues its lead of new topics, which is pretty cool. Highlights for me were the Pokémon X & Y fangirling, the new Welcome Thread (great idea) and the ongoing praise & critique of Game Grumps.

"Pikachu! Come back! Hey, I'm Pokémon Trainer, but my friends call me-"
Not now. We got 3 new members this week; why not invite your friends? Don't answer that question, just do it.

I've started the first forum game. It's called Contendofi. If you want, you can help master the destiny of Shaniqua Freeman, a sassy prisoner of an unwanted monarch. Check it out: http://witendofi.com/boards/2/conversations/108

Have a magical week, kiddos.

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