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F-Zero GX

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Metal_Link over 5 years ago 1 life

I'd buy a WiiU for this game, even if all they did was upscale it.

Carlos over 5 years ago

This game was great. Some of the best multiplayer I've ever had. Difficulty wasn't that bad though.

Chives over 5 years ago 1 life

I never enjoyed the multiplayer because I never had any friends that didn't suck at it. My favorite racing game, though.

TheLastSheikah over 5 years ago

Literally the best racing game ever. Annoys me that Miyamoto basically said he doesn't see the point in making another F-Zero.

Alain over 5 years ago

What? Really? Where did you see that? :(

Bardock257 over 5 years ago

Oh man I still have this game. Such a great racing game. My favorite characters were James and the one guy with the exposed brain (forgot his name).

TheLastSheikah over 5 years ago


Original source is an interview with a French website. It's more that he says there isn't much more you can do with it... I guess it wasn't his decision to make New Super Mario Bros., then.

Ninny over 5 years ago

Maybe by making each race pointless and adding bumper stickers to your car will Miyamoto make another F-Zero ;)

TheLastSheikah over 5 years ago

Maybe if they make it so your car randomly stalls about once every twenty seconds they can convince Sakurai to make another F-Zero!

Ace Jon over 5 years ago

Maybe if they add 150 more vehicles that look like random household objects they can convince Sugimori to make another F-Zero!

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Shared by Alain over 5 years ago

Who else loved this game even though it was so difficult that it made you want to die?